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                Rotary Oven

                Rotary Oven
                Technical Parameter
                Rotary oven is an ideal equipment to bake cakes, breads, cookies, and other pastries. The oven is equipped with top-quality and super-thick thermal insulation materials. It is well sealed to preserve the energy from losing. In addition, it is available to bake one or two trolleys at one time. So that the power and labors can be saved.
                The oven has three baking types: electricity type, gas type, and diesel type ( Italian Burner). The users can make a good select based on their own energy conditions.
                Finally, the rotary oven is used to be the main part of cake, bread, and cookie production lines.
                Welcome to visit our factory.

                Technical Parameter
                Type KF12 KF16 KF32 KF64
                Electricity Oven Power 25KW 35KW 50KW 75KW
                Electricity Consumption Save 25% Save 25% Save 25% Save 25%
                Gas Oven Power 2.25KW 2.25KW 3.75KW 3.75KW
                Gas Consumption 3-5kgs/h 4-6kgs/h 5-7kgs/h 7-10kgs/h
                Diesel Oven Power 2.25KW 2.25KW 3.75KW 3.75KW
                Diesel Consumption 4-5kgs/h 5-7kgs/h 6-8kgs/h 8-10kgs/h
                Baking Capacity 12 trays/time 16 trays/time 32 trays/time 64 trays/time
                Dimension (mm) 1500*1200*2050 1500*2000*2350 2350*1800*2600 2700*2250*2600
                Weight 650kgs 900kgs 1500kgs 2000kgs
                Material Main material: stainless steel

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